Screen Time vs. Game Time: Why Games Are the Better Choice for Kids

With concerns about the negative effects of excessive screen time on children’s physical and mental health, many parents are looking for alternative activities for their kids. According to Forbes, a new study is tying excessive screen time in a child’s first year to lower cognitive skills later in life.
Games can be a great alternative to screen time for kids for several reasons:

  • Games promote social interaction and can help develop social skills.
  • Many games enhance cognitive development by challenging kids to think creatively and strategically, improving memory and problem-solving skills.
  • Games can provide a fun way to learn new skills and concepts, especially educational games that teach science, math, and history.
  • Games can encourage physical activity, whether it’s outdoor games like tag and kickball or dance games that provide a fun way for kids to exercise and stay active.

In conclusion, games can provide a variety of benefits for kids, making them a great alternative to excessive screen time. Whether it’s playing a board game with family or participating in an outdoor game with friends, games can promote social interaction, cognitive development, learning, and physical activity.
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